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The Vara concert hall - top class cultural programmes


The Vara station has become a famous work of art


Slalom race for tractors in Södra Lundby

With 400 associations, this is a municipality that is very much alive with activity. All leisure centres and athletics facilities are owned and run by the clubs. The fact that people in Vara in all situations prefer the club format, is based on a strong feeling for community and each other.

Apart from the small-scale club life, there’s also a range of cultural facilities available, such as the Vara Concert Hall, which is amongst Sweden’s best in terms of the number of annual performances. The venue hosts major Swedish artists as well as celebrities from other countries.

A great many archaeological finds prove that Vara has been a place with strong cultural traditions that go way back in time. Some of the most spectacular finds are 1,500 years old. Here, you’ll also find the Sparlösa stone, which was adorned with carvings in the 800’s and is Sweden’s oldest rune stone.