Expertise / Vara


Benders – one of the largest businesses in Vara


Kvänum is purveyor to the king for kitchen furniture


Roofing tile is an area of expertise


Vedum Kök och Bad. Made in Sweden since 1919

Entrepreneurship and industrial development are two clear areas of excellence in Vara. In both fields, there’s a strong tradition with an extensive historic background. Local entrepreneurs took the step from idea to action and started small industrial businesses in the places where they lived. Often these were farm buildings. That’s the reason why businesses still today are spread out over the municipality.

Industrial operations have a particular expertise in the field of, amongst others, the development and manufacturing of:

  • ventilation systems (Swegon)
  • retreading of tyres (Vianor)
  • concrete tiles and pavers (Benders Sweden)
  • kitchen furniture (Kvänum Kök and Vedum Kök)
  • steel constructions and agricultural machines (Ranaverken Sweden)
  • elevators and conveyors for agricultural purposes (Skandia Elevator).