Housing / Vara


Here you can buy a horse farm at a reasonable price

Villor till överkomliga priser

Population is divided equally over towns and country


You can build your home in many places

In Vara, half of the inhabitants live in one of the nine urban areas. The other half lives in the countryside. Here you can find a little farmstead or croft with outbuildings and land. You can for instance select a horse farm, or a property with space for a workshop.

There’s good availability of building plots, and they’re spread out evenly over the municipality. In the main town of Vara, you can purchase co-operative homes. Also, several landlords let out apartments in the various communities.

It’s easy to get to Vara, which is located at the crossroads between the E20 and highway 47. Two railway lines pass through the municipality. By car, it takes 30 minutes to the nearest airport with domestic destinations, and 60 minutes to the nearest international airport.

The Vara municipality contributes to giving households the possibility to connect to the fixed fibre network, that has a broadband capacity of 100 Mbit/s. Extending this network will be completed in the middle of 2014.