Networks / Vara


The Älvsborg railway line passes through Vara


Lumber & Karle - Kvänum's meeting place for business

Apart from the Committee for Trade and Industry, which is a forum for the dialogue between trade and industry and the municipality, there are many business structures in Vara. Here are some examples:

Företagarna i Kvänum have strong informal networks. Together, they have for instance built a conference hotel in order to be able to welcome guests to there respective companies.

Lyskraft Vara has set out to turn Vara into a more attractive small town and regional centre. Here, commerce, tourism, real estate owners and non-profit organisations work together with the municipality.

The community associations are powerful and active. Their objective is to develop their home town and to make sure social life is good.

Since 2006, the Vara municipality has a cooperation with the Chinese Huangshan City. The municipality is also a member of the West-Swedish network that has contacts with municipalities in China. The ambition is that these contacts should open doors for businesses.