Training and education provide qualifications for trade and industry

Studentrekrytering 2013-2014

University college programmes adjusted to business


Artistic programmes at HDK Steneby

Within Position Väst, there’s a well-developed cooperation based on the objective to adjust training programmes to the qualifications requirements of trade and industry.

University and university college training programmes
Of the country’s universities and university colleges with a broad range of training courses, Högskolan Väst is amongst the best in terms of the way in which students establish themselves on the labour market. The Högskolan’s main profile is that of work-integrated learning, which provides work experience already during studies, and quicker access to the labour market. One example is the Cooperative Education (Co-op), where study periods and periods of paid work take turns.

The Högskolan Väst is located in Trollhättan and has approximately 11,500 students. They graduate as, amongst others, economists, engineers, IT architects, health specialists, teachers, real estate agents, human resources officers, industrial engineers, social scientists, medical nurses, system developers, 3D-animators, and many more.

The Högskolecentrum Bohuslän (College Centre Bohuslän) in Uddevalla creates and operates higher vocational education programmes in close cooperation with trade and industry. These programmes mainly focus on trade, tourism, business development, entrepreneurship and maritime applications. At the Learning Centre, you can enrol in university college programmes and – courses through home studies. The Entreprenörsarenan also offers a business incubator.

A large number of other university and university college programmes is available within commuting distance at the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers, the Karlstad University, and at the university colleges in Skövde and Borås.

Broad cooperation between the centres of learning
Centres of learning cooperate on a national and international level. Högskolan Väst cooperates for instance with around 80 university colleges and universities all over the world. This cooperation covers everything from student and teacher exchanges and research cooperation projects, to offering international Master’s degree programmes.

Courses at the college of higher vocational studies
In Position Väst, post secondary vocational studies can be done in Lysekil, Trollhättan, Uddevalla and Vänersborg. Here, people can study a profession for which there is a documented requirement with trade and industry, such as film worker, health care administrator, quality and process developer, logistician, marine engineer, mechanical designer, nurse, habilitation and rehabilitation staff, travel consultant, tailor, specially trained assistant nurse, and maintenance staff for renewable energy systems.

Unique artistic programmes
The HDK Steneby
in Dals Långed offers artistic courses on Bachelor and Master level, with a special focus on the materials wood, metal and textile. The school is part of the university college for design and crafts, which belongs to the University of Gothenburg.

The Gerlesborgsskolan (Gerleborg school) is one of the country’s most renowned fundamental artistic training institutions. It’s located both in Gerlesborg in the Tanum municipality, as well as in Stockholm. Annually, more than 700 students take different artistic training and courses at these schools.