We turn great ideas into business …


Biogas from residual agricultural products


Manufacturing of components for spacecraft


Unique graduate programme Work-Integrated Learning


Research in the field of marine sciences


The world's largest wave power park is being built here

Most of the research and development done in Position Väst is focused on turning great ideas into business. One of the innovation system’s prime roles is to enhance the development and competitiveness in trade and industry. This is more a matter of business models that trade and industry can immediately benefit from, than of developing entirely new technologies. A hub in all of these processes is the Innovatum, where research and trade and industry come together.

A particular niche is that of business-driven environmental development, which is supposed to make this area known for its capacity of turning environmental initiatives into business.


Examples of applied research projects in Position Väst:

  • Biogas Brålanda; converts residual agricultural products into biogas, www.biogasdalsland.se
  • Seabased; the world’s largest wave power park, www.seabased.com
  • Wargön Innovation; energy, environment and innovation with the forest as major commodity, www.innovatum.se.

… and here we find excellence in research
In addition to the applied fields of research, demonstrable excellence is achieved in several areas of research, above all:

  • Manufacturing technologies – for increasing Sweden’s industry’s global competitiveness. Högskolan Väst features the programme for “greener” industrial manufacturing and technologies that have endless possibilities for application.
  • Work-Integrated Learning within the manufacturing industry, the services sector, public Administration, schools and the care sector. The research graduate programme for Work-Integrated Learning at the Högskolan Väst is unique in its kind and the first one in the world.
  • In the field of mobile commerce, m-commerce in short, researchers at Högskolan Väst cooperate with several businesses in order to build expertise, implement m-commerce solutions and verify marketable projects.
  • Marine research. The Sven Lovén centre constitutes a national and international resource for research in the field of marine sciences. The centre includes amongst others the two research and training stations on Tjärnö (Strömstad) and Kristineberg (Lysekil).
  • Components and subsystems for air- and spacecraft engines. The focus is on reducing the engine’s weight in order to lower fuel consumption and emissions. GKN Aerospace together with a number of different partners.
  • Energy optimisation of refinery plants and development of new fuels and propellants. Preem in cooperation with the Chalmers technical university college.


Fruitful forms of cooperation
An important component of R&D in Position Väst is the cooperation with distinguished partners such as universities, university colleges and technology parks, both on a national and international level. A particularly well-developed cooperation is in place with Chalmers, Johanneberg and Lindholmen in Gothenburg, Swerea IVF, SP Sweden’s Technical Research Institute, the university colleges in Karlstad, Skövde and Borås, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the University College in Östfold.