Useful networks and contacts


ACT is a meeting place for creative businesses


Networks and contacts in many sectors

Position Väst provides many networks and contact opportunities. In this overview, we have listed some regional networks and players in different sectors that could be of interest to you. Networks with a local foothold can be found on the municipalities’ homepages. Click on the names of the respective municipality to the right.


Almi creates opportunities for viable ideas and companies being developed by means of advice, obtaining financing, venture capital, and incubation.

Automotive Sweden 

Automotive Sweden spreads knowledge concerning the Swedish automotive sector to national and international players, and stimulates cooperation.

Connect Väst 

Connect Väst contributes to creating more jobs in West Sweden by helping newly established, small and medium-sized businesses to grow in a quicker and more effective way.


Coompanion are business consultants for those who want to start up a company together with a partner. The organisation is also active in the field of business development for non-profit organisations and support to players in the social economy.

Drivhuset vid Högskolan Väst

Drivhuset works closely together with university and -colleges and helps new entrepreneurs with starting up and running their businesses. They may also contribute in finding other ways of realising ideas.

Entreprenörsarenan Bohuslän

The Entreprenörsarenan Bohuslän supports active entrepreneurs in order to provide them with the possibility to create businesses on the basis for good ideas.

Fordonskomponentgruppen FKG

FKG is a trade organisation for the Scandinavian suppliers to the automotive industry. FKG is a member of the European supplier organisation Clepa, and uses this network for creating contacts and strengthening suppliers’ positions.

Local government federation Fyrbodal

The local government federation Fyrbodal is one of four regional government federations in the Västra Götaland county. It’s a cooperation organisation for 14 of the 17 municipalities in Position Väst. The local government federation is amongst others active in the field of regional growth and development, and creates the conditions for making efficient use of EU-resources for projects. It also contributes to the building of networks, the spreading of ideas and the stimulation of the exchange of experience.


Företagarna create better conditions for starting up, running, developing and owning businesses in Sweden. The organisation acts in the interest of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs’ rights, and contributes to a climate in which it becomes easy and attractive to run a business.


The Grensetjensten is a Swedish-Norwegian cooperation. They assist in cross-border matters that involve individuals and businesses. These matters can for instance involve doing business or getting labour from the other side of the border.


The Gränskommittén constitutes a cooperation between 22 Swedish and Norwegian municipalities, the Region of Västra Götaland and the municipality of Östfold. The objective is to strengthen the development in the border area by taking away barriers and creating opportunities for business, jobs and even more exchange between the countries.

Industriell Dynamik

Industriell Dynamik is a resource for technology and business development to small and medium-sized businesses in Västra Götaland. These businesses can for instance get a requirement analysis, and contact with experts from the right sector, free of charge.


Innovatum constitutes a bridge between trade and industry, research, education, individual innovators and the general public. Here you’ll find the Science Centre with interactive exhibitions, incubators for newly established businesses, and the Projektarena, which is a professional platform for research and development projects.

The Innovatum focuses on three areas: Energy and environmental technology, creative industries, and manufacturing technology.

ACT, All Creators Together, is Innovatum’s meeting place for creative businesses. In short, this means that the ACT offers suitable spaces, organises amusing and developing activities, and gets a bunch of nice people together.

IUC Väst

IUC Väst AB’s objective is to improve competitiveness amongst industrial manufacturing businesses in Fyrbodal. The company bases its work on the requirements of a business, and offers assistance such as consultancy, supply of competences, and business and technical development.


Leader is a cooperation form within the Landsbygd programme. Its objective is to develop the countryside. Position Väst has five Leader areas:

  • Leader Terra et Mare (Uddevalla, Orust, and Tjörn and several other municipalities).
  • Leader Ranrike Norra Bohuslän (Strömstad, Tanum, Munkedal, Sotenäs and Lysekil).
  • Leader Dalsland and Årjäng (Bengtsfors, Dals Ed, Åmål, Färgelanda, Mellerud, the Dalsland part of Vänersborg and Årjäng in Värmland).
  • Leader Göta Älv (Lilla Edet, rural Southeast Vänersborg, rural Trollhättan and Ale.
  • Leader Västra Skaraborg (Essunga, Grästorp and Vara).


The Miljöbron helps small and medium-sized businesses to start up and develop their environmental efforts, and at the same time give students the possibility to turn their knowledge into practice.

Norsk-svenska Handelskammaren (Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce)

The Norsk-Svenska Handelskammaren’s objective is to develop and deepen the trade and industry cooperation between Norway and Sweden.

Not Quite

Not Quite is based in i Fengersfors in the municipality of Åmål. It’s a centre and network for professional artists, artisans and designers.

Nyföretagarcentrum Väst (Centre for starting entrepreneurs in West Sweden)

The Nyföretagarcentrum furthers the establishment of new businesses and entrepreneurship in general, and offers consultancy to those who want to start their own business, free of charge.

The Paper Province

The Paper Province organises and develops the cooperation between member businesses in the pulp and paper technology sector in Värmland, Northern Dalsland and the Örebro county.

Styrelseakademien Fyrbodal

The Styrelseakademien Fyrbodal is an association of people who have a common interest in that they want to improve the work that is done on the boards of the companies in the region.

Svenskt Marintekniskt forum (Swedish marine technological forum)

The Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum is an umbrella organisation for the marine technological sector. The association’s objective is to develop products with a smaller environmental impact, more efficient manufacturing processes and the cooperation between businesses, university and public representatives. It’s also working on improving recruitment and strengthening the regeneration within the maritime industry.

Svenskt Näringsliv (Swedish Trade and Industry)

Svenskt Näringsliv’s task is to increase the understanding for businesses’ day-to-day reality, and to warrant that all businesses in Sweden have the best possible conditions for working and growing.

Västra Götalandsregionen (Västra Götaland’s regional administration)

Västra Götalandsregionen’s overall tasks is to contribute to a good living standard for the inhabitants of Västra Götaland. The region has three spheres of responsibility: healthcare, growth and development, and public transport. With respect to growth and development, the region’s is actively working with trade and industry, culture and the environment, education and tourism. Growth industries can obtain co-financing of development efforts from Västra Götaland’s region, which amongst others attracts new investment, better employment and manufacturing. (Please also see Regional investment support.)

Västsvenska Handelskammaren (West Sweden’s Chamber of Commerce)

The Västsvenska Handelskammaren’s objective is to create growth and to develop the West Sweden of the future by aiding companies in doing more and better business, and by influencing political decision making.

Västsvenska Turistrådet (West Sweden’s Tourist Board)

The Västsvenska Turistrådet works with the development of tourism, in cooperation with domestic and international partners, and endeavours to increase competitiveness, above all of regional enterprises.