Welcome to Position Väst – the growth zone between Gothenburg and Oslo

Position Väst is a growth zone between the regions of Gothenburg and Oslo, where there’s enough space for new business. Here, 17 municipalities work together in order to develop trade and industry.

Contrary to the metropolitan areas around Gothenburg and Oslo, we offer:

  • a favourable cost structure.
  • the possibility to establish a business activity close to a port, airport, railway, motorway, trans-shipment facilities, university colleges, technology parks, city centres …
  • many alternative types of locations.
  • a broad range of available business properties and spaces.
  • good accessibility and proximity within an infrastructure without queues.
  • a high loyalty and low employee turnover at respective places of work.
  • surroundings for both living and trade and industry that offer great variation and magnificent settings.

Just like the big cities, we have:

  • ample availability of competencies and training facilities.
  • an IT-infrastructure that meets high requirements.
  • strong innovative forces.
  • solid engineering skills and outstanding research activities in different sectors.

If you want to know more about the possibilities within Position Väst, please feel free to contact us at kontakt@positionvast.se. You may also contact any of our municipalities directly.

Position Väst is a regional partner of Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council. Read about theadvantages of running a business in Sweden and check out the Establishment Guides.

Everything you need to know and consider before moving to Gothenburg and West Sweden.