17 municipalities in West Sweden to form strategic expansion platform

In case you’re looking for new business opportunities, and would like to establish your business in the Gothenburg or Oslo area: have a closer look at the growth zone that is Position Väst. It is strategically situated between the regions of Gothenburg and Oslo. Here, 17 municipalities join forces in order to develop West Sweden’s trade and industry.

Some very good reasons to establish your company in Position Väst:

  • Cost structures are more advantageous than in the metropolitan areas.
  • A broad range of available properties and spaces on offer, especially for those who are looking for logistically favourable locations. If your business should be close to a harbour, airport, railway connection, motorway, trans-shipment facilities, technology parks, university colleges or town centres, Position Väst is the right place for you.
  • It offers a well-developed infrastructure and good accessibility and short transfer times to the ports of Gothenburg, Uddevalla and Lysekil, as well as to Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg City Airport, Rygge Airport in Norway and the Trollhättan/Vänersborg Airport. The same applies to trans-shipment facilities in West Sweden. With the E6, E20, E44 and E45 passing through, Position Väst has a convenient road network.
  • Broad and deep expertise within several sectors, the largest being trade, manufacturing , tourism, and maritime, creative and green industries.
  • A vivacious exchange between businesses in Sweden and Norway, amongst others in the shape of successful cross-border trading. Many Norwegian companies benefit from establishing their activities within the EU, and accessing competencies in Sweden.
  • A positive climate for innovation. The objective of the major part of research and development in Position Väst is to turn good ideas into good business. Research is being conducted in the fields of manufacturing techniques, marine sciences, e-trade, and air- and spacecraft engine technology. In part, this is what contributes to the massive technological expertise that is present in the area.
  • Business-driven environmental development is what characterises research projects involving, amongst others, biogas production in the agricultural sector and wave power. The world’s largest wave power plant is to be found here.


For more information, please feel free to contact Ann Palmnäs, Position Väst!