Establishment service

Establishment service

We facilitate for those who want to invest or establish businesses in Fyrbodal. Discover our cost-free service and take advantage of the opportunities that our region has to offer.

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We cooperate with Business Sweden​

Position West is a Regional partner to Business Sweden which means we have access to their expertise, networks and service when facilitating international investments and establishments in Sweden.

Business Sweden is the official Swedish trade and investment council. They help international companies to develop successful business in Sweden by providing strategic advice, information and hands-on support.

Read more about Business Sweden at Business Sweden.

Why Sweden?

International companies are drawn to Sweden for many reasons; Sweden is leading in sustainable innovation, has a highly educated workforce, sophisticated consumers, swift business processes, openness to international business ownership and a stable economy.


Sweden consistently retains its top position as the EU’s most innovative country. With leading research and development, over 100 test beds, and a world-class startup scene, Sweden offers a springboard for taking innovative ideas to the global market.


Sweden tops the OECD’s indicator of the world’s most eco-innovative countries, is a pioneer in climate-smart technologies and the circular economy, and offers excellent access to renewable energy.


Sweden is globally renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, research talents, and strong engineering expertise and competence in automation. The country’s well-educated workforce meets the knowledge needs of future jobs.