Why Position Väst?

Why Position Väst?

We are located in an attractive area for companies seeking the right location for their expansion. With a long history of industrial development and production, we have a focus on sustainable development, where both society and businesses have built unique strengths in circular business models and flows.

Some of our strong areas are within wood, marine, logistics, mobility, and tourism. In the area, there are nodes for innovation, research, and development.

Our factors for success

As an immediate neighbour to two growing urban regions, this is an attractive area for companies looking for the advantages of the city – with none of the drawbacks.

The Position West region is situated where the expansive regions of Gothenburg and Oslo meet. The 14 municipalities of Position West work together.

Almost 300 000 people live here.  Expansion areas – there’s ample room for expansion.

39,000 businesses. The most prominent industries are trade, manufacturing, tourism, maritime industries, creative professions and green industries.

Within the Position West area, research is conducted on aerospace, industrial engineering, work integrated learning, renewable fuels, wave energy and advanced marine biology. Artistic research is conducted on materials such as metal, wood and textile.

Along the coast of Bohuslän and the lake Vänern there are small and medium sized cities as well as rural villages, situated in the beautiful nature of Position West.

Position West includes 14 of a total of 49 municipalities in the region Västra Götaland, which in total has 1.5 million inhabitants. The regional capital is Vänersborg, while Gothenburg is Västra Götaland’s largest city and financial hub.

Stories from business leaders

Hear business leaders talk about their establishment processes.

Great logistic solutions

Position West offers several attractive locations, many of which are close to large roads like E6, E45, E20 and 44. From there, one can easily reach ports and railways.

Companies looking for smart logistic solutions will soon notice that we’re very well equipped, for instance, there are obvious benefits for Norwegian companies to establish within the EU-market. Importantly for international companies, there are two international airports close to Position West: Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and Oslo Airport in Norway.

The easily accessible roads, where traffic jams are a rare occurrence, are a tangible strength of the Position West-region.

A region rich in competence

Another important factor for investments and business establishment is the access to competence in the region. To help companies in the Position West region grow, we need to make sure there are competent people to hire. That’s why we have an open dialogue between the business sector and the public sector, so that we can educate to match hiring needs.

Just like everywhere else, the prices of land and buildings are on the rise in Position West. But the price point is still much lower than in the cities. One of Scandinavia’s leading retail companies, Varner, built a new logistic center for northern Europe in Vänersborg for a fraction of the price for similar facilities in Gothenburg.

A smooth commute

New roads, railroads and extended public transport in parts of Position West have made commuting within, to, and from the region much easier. Now, companies can recruit from larger areas than before.

Finding your dream home for a reasonable price is still possible in Position West. It’s possible to live next to the sea, or close to a forest without a long commute to work. That often brings a calmer rhythm of life and healthier environments for kids to grow up in.