Establishment Services

Fast and free

The Position West-office facilitates investments in and establishment of businesses in the Position West area. Through us, you get access to all the 16 municipalities of the area through one single contact. We work closely with the municipalities’ business development units to get you accurate information about local plans and sites and what they can offer.

Our cooperation means you get direct contact with the municipalities, local businesses, educational establishments, property owners and more. You decide if, when, and how openly you want to move on to involve other actors.

Ask us for help if you need:
  • Facts and connections for establishing new or acquiring existing businesses.
  • Available commercial spaces or industry land.
  • Competence or partners within a certain area of expertise or business.
  • Cooperation concerning education or research.
  • Financial advice for your investment.
  • Strategic advice for investing in Sweden.

Found your perfect location?

If you’ve already found an interesting location for establishing your business, we suggest you contact the local municipality’s business development unit directly. They strive to create a good business climate for both new and existing businesses in the area and are there to support you. Find their contact details here