Hospitality Industry

Wild, beautiful and sustainable

Welcome to Scandinavia’s population centre of gravity. It’s the place where the hospitality industry, municipalities and other partners work together to promote sustainable tourism at every level, with a special focus on events and meetings in sports, food, culture and outdoor activities.

Establish yourself in the center of experiences

The mix of nature, countryside, towns and big cities makes the place attractive to visitors and commercial players alike. Adventurers and families with children from all over the world, especially Scandinavia and Northern Europe, come to discover the unique landscapes of Dalsland, Bohuslän and Västergötland. The typical visitor is motivated by curiosity and pursues nature tourism and sports events, in addition to meetings and conferences.

For people looking for culinary experiences, there is a wide range of restaurants and cafés serving local delicacies from the sea, forest and farms. Visitors can enjoy food in a number of ways, such as top-quality pubs and restaurants, or in a simple, natural country farmhouse setting.

As one of Sweden’s most important transport regions, it has fast connections. It’s never far to the next adventure. What’s more, you can easily cross the EU’s external border over to Norway via the Svinesund bridge. The crossing is considered one of the most beautiful  in the world and is part of a place with a great deal of history.