A logistics location.

One of Sweden’s leading regions for transport and industry is situated between Gothenburg and Oslo. The area has land and infrastructure with many important logistics hubs, and the largest port in the Nordic region is also located nearby. In addition, it has what no processes or transport connections can match: location.

Geography as a strategy.

Why be located in one major city when you can benefit from two? The area directly between Oslo and Gothenburg has the perfect balance of roads, water and transport connections. There are also significant opportunities to find available land and premises at competitive prices.

With free room to play around Vänern and the North Sea to your west, you can ship to and from every corner of the globe. The area is also the geographic point with the shortest average distance to every person in Scandinavia.

Rely on secure deliveries.

The area offers excellent transport and transfer opportunities, loads of destinations and frequent transport passages. Flights (domestic and international), trains, shipping and roads (E6, E18, E44, E45, E20) with less risk of traffic congestion provide opportunities and enormous flexibility to streamline each individual transport as needed. And one of the EU’s most important transport links, part of the TEN-T network, goes directly through the region.

Work out the logistics of life.

Welcome to an area that is ready for the future. This growing logistics landscape is paving the way for companies and people alike, with excellent opportunities for enjoyment, for growth, and above all – for finding the right staff.

This area has everything you need to live the good life close to nature, water and big-city activities. With great transport connections between the city and the countryside, there is room for life and space for dreams of all sizes.

Frequently asked questions

“As a global 3PL partner, we see Trollhättan as a strategic starting point with short lead times and access to enormous expertise, which helps us serve the dynamic Scandinavian market.”
Erik Lampinen, Project Manager, Katoen Natie

“The location by national road 44/E45 and near the E6 is fantastic. We have immediate access to the major thoroughfares. The availability of a loyal workforce is also a key advantage.” 
Anders Eriksson, Supply Chain Director, Varner

“In Strömstad, we have the perfect logistics solution for our business in the EU. One crucial factor was that we had very fast and professional establishment service.”
Monica Mathiassen, Key Account Manager, Drytech AS

“Tanumshede is perfectly located by the E6, which gives us quick transport routes. We found the right premises here for our roof truss manufacturing, building supplies stores and regional warehouse. We were able to move in immediately.”
Carl-Tore Bengtsson, CEO, Derome.

Yes, the area has detailed, planned commercial plots of various sizes. There are also existing premises for industrial production and offices. When you contact us, we will assess the inventory based on your specific needs. (Naturally, you get to decide how transparent you want to be.)

Yes, for investments in one of Dalsland’s municipalities, investment aid is available for up to 35% of investment costs. (You can read more here.) You also have the opportunity to find financial support and expertise through our strong collaboration with municipalities, companies and education institutions.

We have a large network of contacts in research, industry, education and development which we are happy to share. Get in touch with us and we will help you identify relevant contacts.