Marine Environments

The future is in the sea.

On the coast between Gothenburg and Oslo, a world of innovation and discovery await, in which each day involves finding new ways to utilise the ocean’s resources – using methods that benefit the ocean, the circular bioeconomy and our shared future.

Become part of a maritime hub with thousands of years of history.

The Swedish west coast is a hub for companies in marine industries. For example, 80% of all Swedish seafood is produced in Sotenäs. There are both heavy industry as well as small-scale tech companies in everything from seafood production and algae farming to aquaculture equipment.

The area has been characterised and shaped by thousands of years of a love of the sea. The result is a strong platform for exchange of skills and collaboration. What once involved developing efficient fishing methods has been refined over the years into an industry driven by innovation and modern research methods.

A deep dive into the unlimited world of research.

This means fish and algae farming, hydrodynamic solutions that save fuel, and environmentally friendly ways to harness wind and wave energy. Players in industries such as food, tourism, energy, biotechnology and shipping work together in a variety of ways, jointly laying the foundation for unlimited marine innovation.

There are several research centres and testbeds here, as well as 170 years of collected experience in production and development. The close collaboration between academia and the business community provide access to expertise and research combining insights from hugely diverse fields of knowledge. This creates the conditions for brand new ideas to rise to the surface.

Find your oasis on Sweden’s beautiful west coast.

The entire corridor between Gothenburg and Oslo spans the coastline, with its untouched archipelagos and picturesque fishing villages. With Lake Vänern located inland, water is always nearby – wherever in the region you may be. Experiences in nature are a natural part of this lush landscape, but if you are looking for the hustle and bustle of the big city, Gothenburg and Oslo are just a train ride away.

The region also has well-developed infrastructure involving one of the EU’s most important transport routes. That creates plenty of space for dreams and opportunities, for both family and career.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the biggest advantages include the proximity to the sea, access to land, the comprehensive innovation system and extensive experience in ocean-based production.

Yes, the area has detailed, planned commercial plots of various sizes. There are also existing premises for industrial production and offices. When you contact us, we will assess the inventory based on your specific needs. (Naturally, you get to decide how transparent you want to be.)

Yes, for investments in one of Dalsland’s municipalities, investment aid is available for up to 30% of investment costs. (You can read more here.) You also have the opportunity to find financial support and expertise through our strong collaboration with municipalities, companies and education institutions.

We are happy to share our large network of contacts, which includes research, industry, education and development. Get in touch with us and we will help you identify relevant contacts.