We drive the mobility of the future

The growth zone between Gothenburg and Oslo is characterised by its great ability to innovate and a constant focus on technological development. This has allowed us to stay relevant for international companies throughout 170 years of technological development and production in areas such as ships, vehicles and aerospace. Now that we’re helping the automotive industry transition toward sustainable mobility and completely new business models, we can rely on our drive, motivation and long experience. 

Find the knowledge that sets the world in motion

The region’s ability to attract and retain skilled personnel through all the historical technological changes is manifested by its many technology consulting firms. The proportion is actually twice as large as the Swedish national average. We can also take pride in the many thriving, international companies in sustainable industrial development and mobility who choose to invest here.

The region is a vehicle and mobility cluster that brings together competencies from a wide range of suppliers, manufacturers and scientists. The proximity of University West, Innovatum Science Park and technology-intensive companies ensures know-how is always close at hand. There is a good supply of highly skilled industrial labour with a long tradition of working in the automotive and other complex industries. And it’s the birthplace of Swedish hydroelectric power. Access to sustainable energy is second nature to us. We welcome you to a region that is always moving forward.