Position Väst

Discover the growth zone

between Gothenburg and Oslo

Welcome to an attractive area for companies looking for the right location for their expansion.

Upptäck tillväxtzonen
mellan Göteborg och Oslo

Välkommen till ett attraktivt område för företag som söker rätt läge för sin expansion.

A free, convenient service for people looking to invest in or establish a company here.

Our establishment office comprises 17 municipalities that work together. You will be assigned a contact person, which makes it easy to find information, skills, land, premises, relevant networks and other important contacts – everything you need for a successful venture in the growth zone between Gothenburg and Oslo.

Sustainable industrial development in attractive settings

We are incredibly proud of our beautiful settings, which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. With over 170 years of industrial development and production, we therefore focus on sustainable development, in which society and companies alike have established unique strengths in circular business models and flows. You can read about some of our strengths below.

Welcome to a Norwegian-Swedish region
characterised by innovation and industrial expertise in automation, operations and production technology. The area also offers plenty of forest raw materials.

On the coast between Gothenburg and Oslo, a world of innovation and discovery await, in which each day involves finding new ways to utilise maritime resources – using methods that benefit the ocean, the circular bioeconomy and our shared future.

One of Sweden’s leading regions for transport and industry is situated between Gothenburg and Oslo. The area has land and infrastructure with many important logistics hubs, and the largest port in the Nordic region is also located nearby.

8 factors for success

As an immediate neighbour to two growing urban regions, this is an attractive area for companies looking for the advantages of the city – with none of the drawbacks. Here are eight factors for success that we would like to highlight in particular.