The VIDA group builds a new sawmill in Dalsland

VIDA bygger ett av världens modernaste klentimmersågverk i Nössemark. Här finns god kompetens inom träindustri.


In Nössemark, three kilometers from the Swedish-Norwegian border, right in the center of Dalsland’s wood and forest industry, VIDA is making their largest investment ever. The company is building a modern sawmill with highly advanced process control.

“The location is strategically on point. There’s plenty of raw material in Sweden and Norway. There’s competence in forestry and wood industry. And, above all, there’s no other producer of structural timber in the Position West area or in Värmland. That’s a void in the market we’d like to fill”, says Santhe Dahl, CEO of the VIDA group.

In 2015, VIDA bought the closed sawmill, previously run by Moelven. Investing SEK 275–300 million, VIDA is remodeling the facility and installing new mechanical equipment. The remodeling will be made in two phases and is to be completed in autumn of 2017.

“This will be one of the world’s most modern sawmills. We will have around 50 employees and at full capacity, we will produce 150 000 m3 timber excluding bark per day – that’s around 75 000 bars” says Dahl.

The sawmill will produce short length construction timber based on low grade timber, which will complement VIDA’s existing line of products. The timber will mainly be sold in the USA, Great Britain and Australia.

“This type of product has a bright future, around 80 % of our products are shipped abroad. It’s easy to transport the timber from Nössemark, via Gothenburg and Uddevalla in Sweden and Halden in Norway.”



  • With some 1000 employees at 18 production facilities, VIDA AB is Sweden’s largest privately owned sawmill company.
  • Annual turnover of circa SEK 4.5 billion.
  • Operations also include the manufacture of packaging, pellet manufacture, house manufacture and biofuel trading.

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