Willab Garden’s Munkedal showroom attracts Swedish and Norwegian customers

Willab Garden fick hjälp av Munkedals kommun med smidig bygglovshantering och byggprocess.


“We found the ideal display by the E6 in Munkedal” says Anders Williamsson, CEO of Willab Garden.

“We’re really pleased, our establishment has been well received. The process around the building permit as well as the building process itself was quick and easy, and the opening ceremony could take place in March of 2015 – just seven months after we started building.”

Willab’s decision to open their fourth showroom and shop by the E6 in Munkedal was well thought through. After starting an e-shop in Norway 2013, they knew that a showroom close to Norway would be a good idea. At the same time, the company was looking to increase sales in West Sweden.

“At first, we searched for a location on the Norwegian side of the border. Then, we continued on the Swedish side, from Uddevalla to Svinesund, along the E6” says Williamsson.

“We evaluated several locations and concluded that Munkedal was the best location to serve customers in the area between Gothenburg and Oslo, with a two-hour drive from both cities. Our showroom is right next to the E6, which makes it an ideal display window.”

Fast process

Once the decision was made, the process was quick; the area was zoned, and the building permit was handled swiftly. The opening ceremony was held just seven months after the building process was started.

“It’s been a nice journey, the municipality of Munkedal did a great job. I don’t think it could have been any faster”.

More than 25 000 people, of which around a third are Norwegians, have visited the showroom during Willab’s first year in Munkedal. The 2400 m2 showroom holds a variety of greenhouses and conservatories and employs 10 people working in sales and interior design.

“We can tell that the interest in gardening is growing in Sweden, and there’s great potential in the market in Southern Norway. We’ve really found the perfect location in Munkedal.”, says Willimasson.



  • Family owned business. Celebrates 30 years of business in 2016.
  • Around 300 million in turnover.
  • 140 employees in Sweden and Denmark.
  • Leading supplier of greenhouses and conservatories in the Nordics.

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